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Fine Food Supplier in Malaysia

We strive to get our clients the best and finest food and beverages in Malaysia. That is why for the past 30 years, we have been the leading importer and distributor of fine food and beverages in Malaysia. 

For more than twenty years, we have been providing expert and reliable services to Malaysia’s hospitality industry. To grow even bigger and create a healthy relationship with the industries in Malaysia, we extended our market reach to the modern and retail trade in 2009.

Getting the freshest ingredient and food product is paramount to any restaurant, organization, and businesses, that is why Sri Manisan has established ourselves as a leading food products supplier in Malaysia. We are focused on our customer’s needs and provide uncompromised consistency in quality and freshness.

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We are your trusted source for the highest quality food products from international brands for ambient and chilled food products. View our products and shop online today! Or call us at +603-7806 1011

Our Clients As A Leading Food Products Supplier

Our continuous growth as a food products supplier is due to our exceptional service, reasonable prices, and year-round availability of renowned products from international brands that are continuously consistent.





Brands We Carry As A Food Products Supplier in Malaysia

Sri Manisan is the premier food products supplier for hotels, restaurants, bakeries, baking supply stores, institutions, and caterers nationwide. It is due to our high-quality international brands that our customers keep coming back to us.

Unmatched Food Products Supplier Services

Long-Term Business Partnership

We work directly with brands who seek market expansion and create a sustainable healthy business partnership with them

Marketing And Sales

Sri Manisan offers the best practices for marketing and sales by different business channels in Malaysia

Consistently Available

Our well-planned forecasting system ensures that we never run out of fresh products for our customers and consumers

High-End Storage Facility

The facilities at our storage facility provide optimum storage for our ambient, chilled, and frozen products that keep things fresh and safe

On-Time Deliveries

We deliver our products 5.5 days a week straight to our customer’s doorstep with our cold trucks with proper product handling and we respond in 48 hours to all orders

Dedicated and Responsible Team

Our team are passionate and responsible for our sales, delivery, merchandising, and product handling to retail shelves

Why Choose Sri Manisan As Your Top For Food Products Supplier in Malaysia

Never Delay

All orders are important to us as many of the products are time-specific or task-specific

More Than 100 Products

We have all of our 100+ products in one place, making us the best food products supplier in Malaysia that any hotel, industries, and caterers can find their desired product under one roof

Dedicated Team and In-House Chef

Our team is dedicated to getting you the best product and service on-time and with the help of our in-house chefs, you can receive precious knowledge on preparing unique and creative dishes using our products

Exceptional Customer Service

Our staffs are trained to provide precise information, timely response, and above all, exceptional customer service that is unmatched amongst other food products supplier in Malaysia

A life full of Tasty Food.

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