DODONI products are known to everyone. Pure and high quality, they have won a place in the hearts and tables of consumers in Greece and around the world, thanks to their unique taste.

This unique taste, however, is not accidental, since in DODONI , we produce our products with love, from 100% Greek milk . Milk that is collected daily by more than 5,500 Greek producers , young and old, located in more than 514 villages mainly in the region of Epirus. In this way, we support the largest dairy production area in Greece and at the same time the local community.

by a selection of top quality cheeses.
What started as a cooperative of dairy farmers, remained unchanged until now. The farmers are the owners of the company, now called Royal FrieslandCampina, they are the suppliers of fresh milk, and the beating heart of everything that we do.

A life full of Tasty Food.

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